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Our iPod Touch Winner in the 2013 Holiday Contest

Drew from Michigan was the 4th place winner in our 2013 Holiday Contest. He chose the iPod touch 16GB as his prize. He took a picture of it below and also did a write up about his experience here and the CashCrate monster. :)

At first I was pretty skeptical.

" How could this place give me money and prizes for doing surveys? " I asked. Was it some kind of witchcraft or black magic?
What was this places intentions? Why were they asking me to signup? What's really in the crate?
There were too many questions and not enough answers. I had to dig deeper.
I registered in October and did whatever I could to please this CashCrate monster.
Nothing was never enough. It always wanted more.
Before I knew it, October had passed and my nightmares about this creature had only worsened.
Oh no, this ever growing thing didn't stop there. It now wanted to have a contest for actual prizes in November through December.
This was my chance to find out what it wants. I had to participate in this " contest " and get to the bottom of this.

Just as I suspected... more surveys. There was no pleasing it. Its hunger was insatiable.
It even wanted my referrals. But this time the joke was on the monster. My imaginary friends don't have access to the internet.
As I fought the horde of surveys and offers that came my way, I received a check in the mail for October.
There was no way I was falling for that. I immediately destroyed the check.
Hours turned into days. Days into weeks. " When will it end? " I shouted and pleaded.
The final day approached. I could barely move my arms. The monster had consumed every bit of energy I had.
With a flick of my wrist, the final keystroke had been pressed.
Right then and there, I collapsed. I was free... finally free from the reigns of this evil creature.
But something wasn't right... it didn't feel over.
I woke several hours later in a daze, only to find out that not only was the contest over, but this thing was still hungry.
It's all consuming. There's no reasoning with it. It never ends. It is a where's waldo book, minus the waldo.

To this day I never did find out its intentions or what was in the box.
Some say it holds all of life's secrets. Others say it's empty.
No one knows for sure.
But one day though, one day...


Thanks for the interesting write up Drew.  It's by far one of the most original we've seen and we really enjoyed it.  We hope you enjoy your iPod Touch and Happy Holidays. :)


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