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Our $200 Amazon Gift Card Winner in the 2013 Holiday Contest

Laura from New Jersey won a $200 Gift Card in the 2013 Holiday Contest:
I was the 5th place winner in the holiday contest. I won the $200 Amazon gift card.

This is my 3rd holiday contest. Previous years I won a TV and Nintendo Wii. I am going to use my gift card to buy my Dad something very special. He’s been wanting a wireless printer and now I can get it for him and this came at the most perfect time.

We just found out my Dad has to have open heart surgery around the holidays. Scary stuff. So I am going to give him his printer early.

I did my surveys every day, trial offers, and of course bonus surveys and offers. Ty CashCrate. You’re the best as usual.

From my house to yours I wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


Laura: We wish you and your family the best this Holiday Season. We hope everything goes good for your Dad and that he makes a quick and full recovery. Family is so important, and I think it’s very sweet that you’re getting him an early present and something he wanted.


  • December 13, 2013 8:52am