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Member Makes $1,000+ with Offers and Surveys. You can too.

Alex from Pennsylvania has made more than $1,000 on CashCrate and continues to keep earning with Daily Surveys and Cash Offers. He’s a super nice guy with a really good heart and gives all his CashCrate earnings to his Mother.

Here’s how Alex did it and you can do it too:
I have been a member for a little over a year to reach this milestone. Out of all my time here, I have made a whopping $0.36 from referrals! So it just goes to show that you can make good money on here just completing offers and daily surveys.

The majority of my earnings come from completing the daily surveys. Every 24 hours I try each and every survey available to me. I usually qualify for a few every day and the earnings add up quickly. I also make a lot from CashCrate's wonderful Live Contests and the cash trivia. Then add on the money from videos, check-ins, and toolbar searches and I spend only an hour or two a day but make anywhere from $60 - $100 in an average month.

Just stay dedicated and don't let yourself get turned off or frustrated when you don't qualify for a survey. Just stick to it, and you too can make good money like this; no referrals required!

So I want to thank you guys and gals here at CashCrate for running such a wonderful site.
Alex doesn’t have a lot of referrals, but he’s more than willing to share his expertise and experience. He can help you with Surveys and Offers and help you make over $1,000 too.

If you haven’t joined CashCrate yet and would like to join through Alex, just click his banner below:

Click Here To Complete Daily Surveys

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And feel free to congratulate Alex on the CashCrate Forum

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