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Troy from Oklahoma won a $200 Amazon Gift Card! 4th Place Winner in the 2014 Holiday Contest!

Troy from Oklahoma won a $200 Amazon Gift Card in our 2014 Holiday Contest.  He posts about his win below:


My name is Troy and I'm from good ole Oklahoma. I came in 4th place and won the 200 dollar gift card. This contest was fierce and it got close at the end. I worked really hard to do every survey or offer I could night and day. I knew whatever prize I got would be a great deal of help. I also made a good deal of cash for that time as well so it really helped.

Thank you CashCrate for helping my family have a much better Christmas then we would have. It was a blessing. I honestly cant thank you enough.

I hope everyone enjoyed their prizes and Merry Christmas!

Troy Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Thanks for the nice post Troy and we're really glad to hear the money and the gift card helped you and your family with Christmas.  Have a great holiday. :)

Mike Won a PS4 in our 2014 Holiday Contest!

Mike from Illinois was the second place winner in our 2014 Holiday Contest.  He selected the PlayStation 4 as his prize and took a pic when it arrived. Mike says: First of all Merry Christmas to all. What a wonderful contest. Still can’t believe I got... read more

Being a Stay at Home Mom is Amazing (by Alicia)

Wow it’s been a few months. What a difference that can make! In the past few months being a stay at home mom has increased. We are now expecting another child! (Coming 2015) :) And we have moved! Being a stay at home mom means a lot of blessings. You... read more