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Our 4th Place Holiday Contest Winner is getting a Waffle Maker and Pressure Cooker

Steve came in 4th Place in our 2018 Holiday Contest.  Check out what he has to say:

I'm Steve from California and I was the 4th Place Winner in the 2018 CashCrate Holiday Contest. I was given the option of either getting an Amazon Gift card or one of the physical prizes. I chose a gift card because I can buy whatever I want with it. Besides, I already owned some of the physical prizes.

I was told I won the $150 Amazon Gift Card which I received on the same day that I responded to their email concerning my standing in their holiday contest. I think I will use the gift card to buy a waffle maker and pressure cooker.


The reason I did well in the contest was because I was consistent and focused on doing the Pully Surveys (each worth $1.10) in the 'Best Surveys' section of their site and if I had any time left over, I would do the Live Sample and YourSurveys surveys.

In comparison to other survey sites, Cash Crate is the very best one because you never run out of surveys to do and payments always arrive at the start of the month. Also their surveys pay better than the same surveys on other sites and I like that they give you the option of either getting paid through a paper check or PayPal.


Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


Congrats on your win Steve and we hope you enjoy the new waffle maker and pressure cooker you’ll be getting. Just to mention, PayPal does become available to all members when they reach the Silver Level. Happy Holidays!

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