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Contests, Contests, Contests!

Everyone loves contests, especially if you have the chance to win. At CashCrate, you always do!

We have a variety of different contests and promotions too:

Most Survey Earnings: Members who make the most money completing Surveys on the Surveys and Best Surveys pages win cash prizes!

Most Completed Offers and Daily Surveys: Members who complete the most Surveys, Best Surveys, Cash Offers, and "Bonus Surveys" win! This contest counts the total number of items you’ve completed and had approved.

Referral Contest: You can make a whole lot more with CashCrate’s Referral Program! Invite others to sign up. When your referrals complete surveys and offers, you make money!

Every so often, we’ll hold referral contests to see who can refer the most new active members. It’s a double win situation! First of all, you make money with the referral program itself. Secondly, you have the chance to win a cash prize! Talk about being doubly lucky!

Survey Promotions:  Complete surveys and make money!  The more money you make completing surveys, the more additional bonuses you earn!

Referral Promotions: Refer new members and earn additional bonuses.  The more people you refer, the more you earn!


A Fall/Winter Huge Holiday Contest: This one is the biggie! There are thousands of dollars in prizes. In recent years, we’ve given away iPads, Televisions, PS4’s, iPods, tons of Amazon Gift Cards, and more! Members earn “presents” (contest points) in the holiday contest for completing surveys, offers, referring, and other stuff too.

Be sure to check out the Contests Page for new contests/promotions at the beginning of every month! Compete while you earn, have fun, and win more at CashCrate!

Tip: Even if there isn’t a referral contest or promo, you can still make good money with CashCrate’s Referral program. Keep referring others and watch your money grow.

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