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Want to Save More on Cyber Monday?

Planning and preparation can help you get the best deals on Cyber Monday. This year, Cyber Monday is November 28th, 2016.


A search engine like Google can be your best friend. Search for the items you want and upcoming sales. For example, type in:

“Item Name” Cyber Monday

“Item Name” Sale

“Item Name” Cyber Monday Sale

Replace “Item Name” with the specific item you are looking for. Include as much information as you can, such as the brand name, model number, etc. Doing so will improve search results and make it easier to find the best prices and sales.

Start early. Some Cyber Monday sales start at midnight EST or midnight PST. Like Black Friday, many Cyber Monday sale items are limited in stock. Make purchases immediately after the sale starts.


Save more with Cash Back. Use the CashCrate Shopping Page and make purchases as you normally would. Cash back will be added to your CashCrate account in the upcoming weeks.

Bonus Tip: Search for coupon/discount codes ahead of time. Again, you’ll want to use a search engine like Google. Perform searches such as:

“Item Name” Discount Code

“Item Name” Coupon Code


Sometimes you can take advantage of a sale and enter a coupon/discount code as you check out to save even more! Note: Some retailers may not pay cash back when a coupon/discount code is used. This policy varies from retailer to retailer.


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