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The Dog Days of Summer: Don't Get Buried by a High Electric Bill

Summer is a time for swimming, cookouts, camping, and lots of other outdoor activities. The kids are on summer vacation and many families travel during the summer months.

Staying cool and hydrated is important during the hot summer months. Staying cool indoors is important too and that can be challenging. The “Dog Days of Summer” are often the hottest days of the year. As the mercury rises, we seek relief. Walking into an air conditioned room feels wonderful, but air conditioning is an expensive proposition. As you run the A/C your electric bill goes higher and higher.

How can you cut your electric bill during the summer months and still keep your house cool? Here are some tips:

-Avoid using the oven. Grab a sandwich or use the microwave instead.

-Lower shades and close curtains and blinds during daytime hours. This can help block the heat of the sun.

-Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent and LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs put out a lot of heat while fluorescent and LED bulbs do not. Fluorescent and LED bulbs also use less electricity and that saves you money in the long run.

-Open windows at night and use fans to blow in the cooler nighttime air. In the morning, close your windows, curtains, blinds, and pull down shades.

-Insulation is something most people think about in the winter time, to keep out colder temperatures. In the summer, insulation can also keep out the daytime heat. Make sure your house is properly insulated.

-Unplug electronic items that you are not using. Did you know a lot of electronic items give off heat?

A cooler house can make summer a lot more enjoyable. A lower electric bill makes it even more enjoyable. From all of us at CashCrate: Have an awesome summer!


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    Nice info... These days we are having 47-49C... What we use to do place watered wet cloth behind the padestal fan with a small gap.. It convert hot air into cool breeze... The cloth must be jarjet... Try this as well.. Happy Summer Season
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