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Thanksgiving: How do You Celebrate?

Thanksgiving is celebrated annually, on the last Thursday in November. This year, Thanksgiving is November 23, 2017. How do you celebrate?

Turkey: Planning on buying a turkey? Don’t hit the stores last minute. According to various estimates, 45 to 51 million Thanksgiving turkeys are consumed each year!

Travel to see relatives: Millions of people hit the road for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is one of the busiest travel times of the year.

If you’re driving, gas up the day before and leave early if you can. Give yourself extra time to reach your destination, as the additional traffic can cause delays.

If you’re flying, be sure to arrive at the airport early. Just like the roads, airports get very busy around this time too. Lots of people want to get home to visit family.


A Family Dinner: A big Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition for many families. Dishes may include turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and other tasty stuff. Pumpkin and apple pies are common dessert choices. Of course there is a lot of great conversation and catching up to do.

Football: Are you an NFL Fan? Watch the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys play as well as other teams. The Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day since the 1930’s. The Dallas Cowboys started their tradition in 1966.

Shopping: Some retailers have Black Friday Sales that run all week long. Some start on Thanksgiving. If you like shopping, you may find some great pre-Christmas deals.

However you celebrate, all of us at CashCrate wish you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.


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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Be safe and be happy!
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