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Surveys: Stop, Look, and Listen

Stop, look, and listen. You may have heard that advice as a kid before crossing the street, or as a new driver, before proceeding through a railroad crossing. That advice can be applied to taking surveys too.

Stop: Before accelerating into a survey, take a moment to read the description. If it’s a topic that interests you, click on it. When the welcome/introduction screen appears, stop again and take a moment to view that page. It may contain important information about taking the survey, instructions, tips, etc.

Look: Look at each question carefully. Take your time and read the question from start to finish. Do the same for each answer. Look at the choices and select the one that best applies to you.

Some questions are tricky, so it’s especially important to read these thoroughly. They may ask you to choose a specific answer from the available choices. They do this to make sure you are paying attention. Like a railroad crossing, take the time to look around and you can proceed safely.


Listen: Think about each question and listen to yourself. Share your true opinions and answers. What do you think of this product? What kind of car do you drive? Do you own your own home or rent? What is your favorite thing to eat or drink? These are just a few examples of the many questions you may be asked.

Listening (and looking too) can also apply to videos. Some surveys contain videos of commercials, movie trailers, etc. Make sure the volume is turned up on your computer/device. You might be asked a few questions about the video after it ends.

Stopping, looking, and listening will help you get to your destination safely. In this case, our destination is the end of the survey.


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