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Surveys: Doing a Little Each Day Really Adds Up!

The secret to making money online is consistency. Completing just one survey a day adds up. Completing a few surveys a day adds up to a whole lot more!

For example, let’s say you complete a survey with an average payout of 80 cents every day. Today you’ll have 80 cents. Tomorrow you’ll have $1.60. That doesn’t sound like much, does it? Let’s say you do that for a month though.

One 80 cent survey a day multiplied by 30 days = $24.00. You just made payout.

Now let’s say you do two surveys a day. Using the same example, Two 80 cent surveys a day multiplied by 30 days = $48.00.

Three 80 cent surveys a day multiplied by 30 days = $72.00.

Four 80 cent surveys a day multiplied by 30 days = $96.00!

Five 80 cent surveys a day multiplied by 30 days = $120.00!

And so on.


80 cents is just an example. A lot of surveys pay more than 80 cents. Some surveys may pay less. As long as you remain consistent and do just a little bit every day, it adds up. You can have a payment from CashCrate coming to you each and every month!

Remember, in addition to surveys, you can also make money completing Cash Offers, Bonus Offers, Bonus Surveys, and items on the Videos & More page. There are so many ways to earn! So, what will you do with all of your extra money?

Survey Tip: Reading questions carefully is very important. Survey companies are continuing to work on ways to ensure quality responses and some surveys may contain control questions. For example, a question may ask you to choose a specific option from the list, provide a specific response, etc. Be sure to read every question from start to finish and don’t rush through surveys. Doing this will help you with approvals.


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