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Spring Ahead! It's Daylight Saving Time!

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 12th 2017. Yay! The days get an hour longer. Not really, but it seems that way. For many, it’s nice to have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings.

Technically, you’re supposed to move your clocks one hour ahead at 2:00:00 AM in the morning. Things like computers, cell phones, and DVR’s will probably adjust the time on their own. If you live in Arizona or somewhere else that doesn’t follow daylight saving time, you can disregard this. For those that follow daylight saving time, read on.

When you wake up in the morning on March 12th, you may not feel as well rested. Why? It’s because you lost an hour of sleep. For some of us, it’s worth the trade off to have it get darker one hour later in the day. For others, they would rather have the sleep. Many debate the whole idea of daylight saving time and think we should get rid of it entirely. What are your thoughts?


Daylight saving time first started as a way to save energy almost 100 years ago. It was hoped it would reduce lighting demand and coal consumption during the dark hours. In reality, it’s caused more confusion than energy savings over the past century.

Daylight does get shorter in the winter time. There is nothing we can do about that. Does daylight saving time help us take advantage of the sunlit hours? That’s still open to debate. As far as CashCrate is concerned, you can complete surveys and make money 24 hours a day, whether it’s light or dark. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead if you need to and feel free to share your opinions about daylight saving time. Enjoy the sunshine.


  • March 22, 2017 2:13am
    good thing that our phones are program to set them self's cause I always forget and I don't watch the ttv to watch news
  • March 17, 2017 12:05pm
    I like having the idea of saving the environment
  • March 15, 2017 12:47am
    Nice amazing
  • March 14, 2017 11:18am
    ..ohh nice and awesome
  • March 14, 2017 11:00am
    im realy love it
  • March 14, 2017 9:19am
    Awesome need more time
  • March 14, 2017 8:47am
    Eu gosto do horário de verão, parece-me que sobra mais tempo para fazer coisas agradáveis.

    Translation: I like summer time, it seems to me that there is more time to do nice things.
  • March 13, 2017 9:57pm
    That's cool and more daylight is good cause saves light bill.
  • March 13, 2017 5:43pm
  • March 12, 2017 11:26pm
  • March 12, 2017 9:57pm
    Hate it!
  • March 12, 2017 5:59pm
  • March 12, 2017 12:43pm
    Very nice
  • March 12, 2017 1:33am
    Almost all worked fine
  • March 11, 2017 2:56pm
    having more hour in morning is good
  • March 11, 2017 11:16am
    having more hour in the evening time is cool
  • March 11, 2017 4:37am
  • March 10, 2017 12:42pm
    i like day light saving time but i actually have the whole time this days
  • March 10, 2017 12:00pm
  • March 10, 2017 1:22am
    Super watch
  • March 09, 2017 5:25pm
    get rid of it altogether........it seems it goes on and on and gets longer every year. it now spans around 8 months......
  • March 09, 2017 6:55am
    Daylight saving time has its pros for many companies also have damage to some people, but the public interest precedes the private interest
  • March 09, 2017 4:05am
    Daylight shifts summer daylight to evening hours, when it can be enjoyed more. I think this is a good reason.
    It saves energy, because people don’t use their lights as much in the evening. Back when lights were the main use of energy, I think this was a bigger justification.
    It reduces accidents, because people are less likely to be driving in the dark. Hm.
  • March 09, 2017 1:14am
  • March 08, 2017 4:15pm
    i actually like daylight savings time in the winter hours due to my work schedule changes with it
  • March 08, 2017 3:47pm
    having more hour in the evening time is cool.....
  • March 08, 2017 2:27pm
    I don't care one way or the other about DST, although I do remember one year in the early eighties that they passed it over and nothing bad or good happened, time just went on as it normally does.
    It does get confusing for people who have to travel between time zones.
    I am retired, so it doesn't make much difference to me, but I do enjoy the "time frame" of having more light during the evening hours. Now if we could just get the weather to cooperate and get warmer, that would make me very happy LOL!