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Referring People You Don't Know: Part One

Inviting people you know is easy. You just ask friends and family if they want to join CashCrate and make free money like you do. But how do you invite people you don’t know?

The Internet really is a World Wide Web and our big referrers know this. Through the Internet, you have the potential to reach millions and millions of people. Find ways to share your referral link with them and they can make free money like you do. When they complete surveys and offers, you make money too. See how it all works here: Referral Levels Explained.

Knowing this is Step 1, but how do you reach them?


Promote your referral link on other sites, groups, forums, social media, etc. where it is allowed. Be sure to follow the rules. For example, some groups or forums may allow a link in a signature, but not in the main post area. Contribute to the discussion and to the community. Don’t spam. Become a valued member of that community, and include a link to your site/blog when it is allowed and where it is appropriate.

Create your own blog or site, put your CashCrate referral link/banner on it, and promote that instead. A lot of people create their own blogs and websites. This is true for both CashCrate and non CashCrate members. There are free places to create blogs and sites. If you are in it for the long haul though, you may want to consider investing a bit of money into your own domain and hosting.


A domain is basically the link to your website. For example, www.MyWebsiteName.com is a domain. Of course, you would choose a more specific name for your site or blog, hopefully one that is easy to remember and describes the content of your site/blog.

Hosting is basically the place where your blog or website is stored. For example, you could buy both a domain and hosting on GoDaddy or from a variety of other domain registrar and web hosting companies.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a way to get traffic from various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. For example, you might create your own page on a social media platform. Make interesting posts and include links to your blog or website. Network with other people. Post on their pages, but don’t spam. Join groups where people may share an interest in your site or blog (in this case, making free money, work at home, surveys, etc.).


SMM takes work, but in time, it can produce high quality traffic. Do a Google search for SMM or Social Media Marketing and you’ll find lots of results. By doing some reading, you can learn a lot more about SMM and how the process works.

In Part Two, we’ll discuss SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it can get traffic (visitors) to your site or blog.


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    From CashCrate: You can see a lot more info about payment methods here ( http://www.cashcrate.com/blog/announcements/cashcrate-payment-details/ ).
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