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Refer Others and Make More Money! We Make it Easy!

It’s really easy to make money with the referral program. Just give your unique referral link to your friends and family. When they sign up and complete surveys and offers, you make money. That’s all there is too it! You get paid 20% or more for every survey and offer they complete! Earn bonuses too!

Referral URL

You can find your unique referral link on the Referrals Page. Choose Earn Cash, Referrals from the main menu or click the Referrals Tab. Your referral link is on the left side of the page. Simply copy your referral link and paste it into an email you send to a friend or a family member. There are also sites, forums, etc. out there that may allow you to post your referral link as well. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of any site, forum, social media platform, etc. where you promote.


Invite Friends

Send an email to friends and family with your referral link. Use the default email message or create your own custom invitation. See more details here: Make More Money! Invite Your Friends & Family and Earn!


Blog It

Consider creating your own blog or site: How to Create Your Own Site or Blog. Promoting your own blog or site with your CashCrate referral link on it is a great way to get referrals!


Promotion Center

Find more tools to help you refer in the CashCrate Promotion Center. Just click the “Promote Yourself” button on the Referrals Page.

Banners: Earnings and Regular

Use CashCrate Banners on your own sites and blogs, on forums, etc. Simply copy and paste the code for the banner you want. Most blogs and sites use HTML. Many forums use BB Code.


Business Cards & Flyers

On the Cards & Flyers Tabs, find Business Cards and Flyers that are already designed for you. Just click, type in a little information if necessary, and print. Very simple!


To Create a Business Card

Click on the + Print This button for the Business Card you want to use.

The Business Card Options Box appears with your name, email address, and referral link already entered.

Make any desired changes and click Create.

Preview the sheet of business cards and print when you are ready.

To Create a Flyer

Click on the + Print This button for the Flyer you want to use.

The Flyer Options Box appears with your name, email address, and referral link already entered.

Make any desired changes and click Create.

Preview the completed Flyer and print when you are ready.


QR Code

Use a QR Code so mobile users can scan in your referral link. Find your customized code on the QR Code for printing Tab.


Remember, you get paid for every survey or offer a referral completes and you keep those referrals forever! Helping others make money helps you make more!

See even more details here: Referral Levels Explained


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    From CashCrate: We checked your account and you don't have any referrals yet. When your friends join through your referral link and start completing surveys and offers, you'll receive a referral commission.
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