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On President's Day, You Take the Lead

President’s Day falls on Monday, February 16.  It is observed on the third Monday in February each year. Originally celebrated as Washington’s Birthday, it became known as President’s Day after being moved to Monday by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.  This act created more 3 day weekends for America’s workers.  Banks, Post Offices, and many government agencies are closed on this day.

Abraham Lincoln and George Washington were both born in February.  Today, we generally think of these two great leaders in association with President’s Day.  What leaders do you look up to?

Parents take the leadership role in households.  They support their children, keeping a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.  Parents work to provide clothes, toys, and many other things kids need.  They teach and love their children and help mold and shape them into the adults they will become.

As we grow and enter high school, leadership opportunities become available.  We can become members of student government, join a club, or become part of a team.  A student government needs a president, a club needs a leader, and a team needs a coach.  In the classroom, a teacher is the leader.  They educate us in math, science, and many other things we need.

The towns and cities we live in also have leaders, such as a mayor and a town or city council. They run the places we live in, ensuring we have basic services like water and sewage.  While it may not be glamorous, local government helps to ensure we have what we need.

As we grow older and enter the workforce, we encounter leaders called bosses and managers. We all hope to have a good one. A good leader in the workplace can make it a more enjoyable and productive place for everyone.

On President’s Day, we celebrate the leaders of a country.  While we may never meet a president, we can think of many leaders who had an effect on our lives.

CashCrate wishes you a Happy President’s Day and invites you to take the lead.  At CashCrate, you decide how much you earn, how long you do it, and when you do it.  You are in charge of your earning potential.


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