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New Year's Eve: What a Great Year We Had!

New Year’s Eve is a time to look forward. It’s also a time to look back. For this blog post we’ll look back at some of the great things that happened in 2015. We certainly had a number of them.

Six Million: CashCrate broke 6 million members! We’re growing by leaps and bounds, both in money making opportunities and in member numbers.

Surveys: Many new surveys were added. Check them out on the Surveys Page! More surveys mean more opportunities for our members. Surveys are a great way to express your opinion and get rewarded for it!


Videos & More: There are new earning opportunities on the Videos and More tab. Watch videos. Interact with sites. Complete offers and tasks. There are so many ways to earn!

Goals: Members reached their earning goals and exceeded them. Many people broke $100 in total earnings, $500 in total earnings, $1,000 in total earnings, and even more. It was a record earning year for a lot of people. How did they do it? They took more surveys, completed more offers, and/or referred their friends.

Prize Winners: CashCrate had lots of prize winners this year, in our regular Monthly Contests, Live Contests, and our Huge Holiday Contest. Members earn money completing offers and surveys as they compete in contests. Then they win cash or another great prize on top of that.

CashCrate wishes all of you a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. Let’s party like it’s 2016!


  • January 14, 2016 6:38am
    dat was nice moment
  • January 07, 2016 1:41pm
    My device broke in February 2015. Could not afford another and have been in recovery from cancer. So now have a new device and health is improving. I'm ready to start earning again .

    From CashCrate: We are so sorry to hear about the difficulties, but are glad to hear your health is improving. We hope you make a full recovery and welcome back.
  • December 31, 2015 8:21am
    I Am looking forward to earning
  • December 31, 2015 6:41am
    Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year. Thank you Cashcrate!
  • December 31, 2015 1:47am
    Cheer, Happy New Year 2016.