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Make Money by Writing Online

Writers make money by working and freelancing for various sites. Writers can also earn with their own personal blogs and sites. Here are a few ways writers make money online:


Scripted provides original content for online businesses. A business orders the content they need and Scripted finds and manages the best writer for the project. The writer creates the content, Scripted delivers it to the client and the writer gets paid for their services. Apply to become a Scripted Writer.


Freelancers can find work in a wide variety of disciplines, including writing. Freelancers are paid per hour or per project. Create your own Upwork Freelancer Account.


CrowdSource writers create content designed to generate sales/conversions for various companies including Toys "R" Us, Orbitz, Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond,, and more. Join the CrowdSource Workforce.



TextBroker creates fresh original content for various businesses. Turn your writing skills into cash. Free Author Registration.

Your Own Blogs and Sites

Create your own blogs and sites and monetize them. For example, you could add your CashCrate Referral Link and your CashCrate Banner to your blog or site.

It’s a good idea to write original, quality content. You want to keep your readers coming back. It’s also a good idea to add new content on a regular basis. This will help you to attract new readers.

If you can get quality traffic to your blogs and sites, you should be able to make money. Promote your blogs/sites on various forums, social media, other sites, groups, communities, etc. where it is allowed. Be sure to follow the rules of those other sites. For example, some forums allow you to have a link in your signature, but not within your posts themselves. It’s very important to follow the rules and to contribute to the communities you are posting within.

Promoting your own blogs and sites can bring quality traffic and when people sign up for CashCrate and complete offers and surveys, you’ll make money. Monetizing your blog or site with CashCrate is easy.


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