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July 4th is a Great Day to Spend with Family!

Independence Day is a federal holiday in the USA celebrating the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We celebrate our freedom with fireworks, parades, cook outs, and other activities. Some also get a day off from work, making the July 4th week a very popular vacation week. At this time, beaches, national parks, and amusement parks like Disney and Six Flags are often more crowded.

This year, July 4th falls on a Saturday so some federal offices and other workplaces will close on Friday, July 3rd instead. That makes a 3 day weekend for many. It makes sense for people to take this week off of work too. You may have to use only 4 vacation days to take off the week instead of 5. The weather is often nicer in many parts of the country during July. It’s warmer, maybe down right hot, making beaches and water parks popular destinations.

What do you and your families have planned for the July 4th holiday? Will you be traveling or sticking close to home? Do you have any fun activities planned? Post below and let us know. We do realize that some of you will have to work, but hopefully you’ll still be able to grab a hot dog or a hamburger and take in a parade or a fireworks show.

July 4th is a special day to celebrate our freedom. CashCrate wishes you all a happy and safe Independence Day. Spend time with the people you love.


  • July 01, 2015 9:54pm
    I want a lot of surveys on July 4th.
  • July 01, 2015 11:56am
    I want an ole fashion small town Fourth of July. Hot Dogs, hamburgers, parade, baseball game, horseshoes and fireworks! Oh yes, and Cash Crate!
  • July 01, 2015 4:37am
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  • June 29, 2015 5:13pm
    I Will be making money on cashcrate and enjoying the time with my family and eating good.