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Joseph Wins a $200 Amazon Gift Card in the 2015 Holiday Contest!

Joseph from Arkansas won a $200 Amazon Gift Card in our 2015 Holiday Contest.  He has great plans for it!

Hey guys my name is Joseph. I came in 3rd in the contest. I have to say at times it was very interesting. I just went for the bonus videos, offers, and the presents just racked up. I'm going to take my 200.00 gift card, and put a little more with it, and buy a new digital 3D Ready Projector. Love gaming on the PC and nothing beats a 110 inch screen.


Thank you to cashcrate for the opportunity. I have told several friends about cashcrate and the money I've made. They look at me like I'm nuts. But I'm the one who is smiling because I have made almost 3000.00 $ on here in 8 months. Thank you very much for this site.


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Wow Joseph! A 110 inch screen would be amazing!  Have fun playing all those games on the big screen and happy holidays. :)