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Important New Study on Healthy Eating

According to the Food Administration (FA), certain segments of the population show an aversion to vegetables, especially young children who try and hide them under the table or feed them to the dog. It can also be psychologically detrimental to sit at the table for countless minutes until you finish your vegetables. Eating anything that is green or orange and cold is cruel and unusual punishment. An anonymous source adds, “Vegetables should never be eaten by anyone at any time anywhere.”

Some vegetables contain glucosinolates that produce a bitter taste, especially to those people who have a bitter taste receptor gene variation. Those individuals with this variation are more sensitive to bitter flavors. In other words, vegetables will taste ickier to some people than others. It all depends on your genetic makeup.

Vegetables are also grown in dirt and scientific studies have shown that dirt is very dirty. People have always been told to wash their hands before dinner, so it makes no sense to wash the dirt off your hands and then eat something grown in dirt.


Of course, this is all an April Fool’s joke. Vegetables are an important part of any balanced diet. Eat healthy and put a bit of green in your diet with CashCrate too.


  • April 25, 2017 9:08am
  • April 20, 2017 3:06pm
    Yummy taste
  • April 19, 2017 5:14pm
    Vegetables are very good if we want to be healthy
  • April 16, 2017 8:32pm
    My family loves vegetables
  • April 16, 2017 10:01am
    delicious ! loved it .
  • April 10, 2017 1:38pm
    I love veggies no matter what..
  • April 09, 2017 4:37am
    I love vegetable too :)
  • April 09, 2017 3:54am
  • April 08, 2017 5:00pm
    My 3 year old don't like vegetables besides corn and broccoli.Shrugs at least he eats some kind of vegetables.
  • April 08, 2017 2:22pm
    I Love Broccoli
  • April 07, 2017 12:26pm
    i liked that too
  • April 07, 2017 9:15am
    Oh wow, I almost believed this! Lol! xD
  • April 06, 2017 8:52am
    I have registered for the make money online and I want to invite my friends
  • April 06, 2017 3:40am
    That was rather cute I liked it, fortunately for me my grandchildren like vegies so no problem
  • April 05, 2017 6:16pm
  • April 05, 2017 5:40pm
    U almost got me there..
  • April 04, 2017 10:21pm
    So likely me
  • April 04, 2017 7:02pm
  • April 04, 2017 9:41am
  • April 04, 2017 8:56am
  • April 03, 2017 7:32pm
    Oh nice joke! I like vegetables so I was little suspicious :D
  • April 02, 2017 11:09pm
    Seriously almost believe on that but at last its going crazy
  • April 02, 2017 5:50am
    oh my... i seriously read the announcement... LOL!
  • April 02, 2017 5:03am
    Oo thats guds
  • March 31, 2017 10:49pm
    Oh wow, I almost believed this! Lol! xD
  • March 31, 2017 9:35pm
    My family is thankfully vegetable friendly across all age groups!