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How to Create Your Own Site or Blog

Create a Free Blog on CashCrate!

Blog on CashCrate! Reach More People and Make More Money! (available when you reach Silver Status).

This is a great option. It's easy to create a blog on CashCrate and it's free! Blogs are a fantastic way to get referrals and help you make more money!

Other Places to Create Free Blogs and Sites

There are also other places where you can create free blogs and sites. See a number of suggestions listed here. The concern with those other places is you really don’t own that blog or site. The provider of that service can remove it any time they choose. All those months of promoting your site/blog on forums, other sites, social media, etc. could be for nothing. All those hours of writing content could be gone too.

Creating a Blog or Website that You Own

Creating a blog or site that you own is relatively easy and inexpensive. You’ll basically need two things: A domain and hosting.



According to Wikipedia, “A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.” Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s simple. All you really need to know is a domain is what you type in to reach a site. For example, to make money on CashCrate, you’d enter www.cashcrate.com

cashcrate.com is our domain.

Let’s talk about creating yours. The first thing you need to do is to think of a good domain name. What is your blog or site going to be about? If you’re blogging about bicycles, bicycle.com might be a good name, but wait. That one is already taken. This is where things can get challenging. With so many sites out there and so many names taken, you’re going to need to get creative. Coming up with a domain name that is unique, catchy, and easy to remember is the ultimate goal.

You can buy domains and check if they’re available on a number of domain registrar sites including:


Host Gator

Blue Host

Dream Host

There are different types of domain extensions too, such as .com, .net, .info, .org, and more. What extension best suits your site? What extensions are available? YOURSITENAME.com may not be available, but YOURSITENAME.net is. Coming up with a good domain name may take some trial and error and some brainstorming. Try coming up with a list of 8 to 10 alternatives and then check what’s available. It’s not hard. It’s just a bit time consuming.


When you find the domain you want, buy it before someone else does. You may be able to find a domain that will cost you $9.99 a year or less. When you buy it, you register it and you own it.


After buying your domain, it’s time to think about hosting. Hosting is simple too. Basically it’s just the place where you store everything: Content, images, videos, and everything else. Domain registrar sites like Godaddy, etc. might offer free hosting packages for a simple one page blog or site. They may offer paid hosting as well.


So really, you just need to buy two things (a domain and hosting) and you can be off and running with your own blog or site. You can also place a CashCrate Referral Banner on your blog or site to generate income with it. When someone visits your site and clicks on a CashCrate banner, they join as your referral. When referrals complete offers and surveys, you make money.

Whatever you write about, you can monetize your site or blog. If you write about bicycles, you can write posts about bicycle money and how you use CashCrate to earn money for different parts, new bikes, etc. Fit CashCrate into your own hobbies and into your own site/blog.


Tip: Before you make your purchase, search for online coupons and promo codes to save money.

-Check the domain registrar/hosting provider’s site for coupons and promo codes

-Do a Google search for this such as:

Godaddy coupon

Godaddy promo code

Host Gator coupon


By doing this, you can often save as much as 20% to 30%, sometimes more.


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    From CashCrate: You can create your own blog or website and add your CashCrate referral link/banner to it. Anyone who clicks your link/banner would join CashCrate as your referral, and you'll earn money for every offer and survey a referral completes.

    You can see a lot more details about the referral program here ( http://www.cashcrate.com/blog/features/referral-levels-explained/ ).
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    From CashCrate: If you already have your own blog, you can find banners, etc. to add to it in our Promo Center: https://www.cashcrate.com/promoCenter
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    From CashCrate: There are various places online where you can create a blog. Some places allow you to create a blog for free, while others may want you to pay for your own domain and hosting. As for CashCrate, we have many free ways to make money: Surveys, Offers, Referring Others, and more.
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    From CashCrate: When members join through your referral link and complete surveys and offers, you make money ( http://www.cashcrate.com/blog/features/referral-levels-explained/ )
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