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How do I get Referrals from a Forum? A Step by Step Guide

The number of Forums on the Internet seems almost limitless. You can find a forum on any topic, ranging from Race Cars, to Video Games, to Work at Home Moms and Dads.

How do you get referrals from a forum?
Number One: What Do You Like? Go Look For It.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what are your interests and hobbies? What do you enjoy? Go to Google, Yahoo, or Bing and search for:

(your interest) forum (your hobby) forum (any topic you like) forum

Or course you’d replace what's in the parenthesis with your specific interest or hobby.
Number Two: Picking the Best Forums

Pick out several forums that look good to you and bookmark each one (save each forum to your Favorites). More often than not, the more popular forums with the most members appear at the top of the search results.

Read the rules for each forum. You never want to break the rules or spam. This will get you immediately banned.

Does the forum allow a referral link or a link to your CashCrate site or blog in a signature?

Does the forum have a specific section where advertising is allowed? The rules will address this.

If the forum does not allow any links, then you may want to cross that one off your list and pick another.

Some forums may require 20 to 30 quality posts before you are allowed a forum signature. If the forum gets a lot of traffic, if the threads get a lot of views and responses, it may be worth your time to build a reputation first. Don’t make 20 to 30 BS Posts
Number Three: Become a Contributor

Contribute to the topics of conversation. Example: If a thread is about childcare, don’t make a post that says “Join CashCrate.” Things like that will get you banned or at the very least, make you look like a spammer. You won’t get any referrals that way. Reply about the topic itself. If the original poster has a question, try to provide a helpful response.

To explore this example further, lets say the thread is from a new Mom. Her newborn is up most of the night and she is crying. A Mom, Dad, Nanny, or a Babysitter could respond to the post and relate their experience.

If you are a single college student with no childcare experience, a forum about babies and kids would not be the best forum for you.
Number 4: Keep Building a Reputation

If you are helpful in a forum, people will notice. Even in the CashCrate Forum, helpful members get referrals from their signature links.

Keep your replies on topic, always try to be helpful, and make meaningful posts. Some forums will have a section specifically for advertising.  Feel free to post a blatant ad there, but don't try to make a strong sales pitch in other forum sections. Doing so will hurt the reputation you are trying to build.
Number 5: Creating the Forum Signature

Most forums allow the use of BB Code. BB Code lets you to create a signature that is linked to text.

Many have a Compose View like we do on the CashCrate Forum (see the pic above). You can find detailed instructions for creating a forum signature here:

Some forums also allow Banners. You can find Banners (and the BB Forum Code for those Banners) in the CashCrate Promotion Center. Just click the “Promote Yourself” button at the bottom of the Referrals Page.

Number 6: The Signature Line is Essential!

The text in your signature line has to be an attention grabber and a motivator! Make it work for you.

For example, lets say you are a College Student. You are posting to College related forums. Would people be more inclined to click on a signature that says: and a bunch of numbers


This is How I Pay for My College Text Books

Going back to a forum about children: and a bunch of numbers


This Helps Me Pay for Baby Food

Which Signature Lines would you click on?

Getting referrals from forums is all about the soft sell. Join forums you are interested in. Contribute to the topics and help people. Come up with a dynamite signature line related to the subject matter of the forum. In time, you’ll see referrals.

Good luck and keep it on topic.

Important Note: This post was written with the beginning referrer in mind. Many CashCrate members create their own sites and blogs. They put CashCrate referral banners and links on their sites and blogs.

Then they use their CashCrate sites and blogs in their signature lines instead of their direct referral links. Creating your own CashCrate Site or Blog may be something you’ll want to consider.


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    From CashCrate: When you refer others, you give them your unique referral link or referral banner. Every member has a unique link.

    You can find yours on the Referrals Page:

    You can see a lot more details about the referral program here ( ).
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    From CashCrate: You don't have to create a blog or site. Some members refer simply using their referral link and the banners we provide. Creating a blog or site does take some time, but it can pay off. :)
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