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Happy Halloween from CashCrate Surveys

Trick or Treat. Halloween is Saturday, October 31st. Be prepared. Make sure your porch light is turned on to greet visitors. Witches, ghosts, princesses, and even Justin Bieber may soon be knocking on your door. Yes, they sell Bieber Fever Justin Bieber costumes. Visitors can range from scary to sweet, from zombies to aliens to celebrities and anything in between.


How do we keep these little monsters safe? Halloween masks should not obstruct a child’s field of vision. Make sure masks allow your child to see well, especially when crossing the street. You can also avoid busier areas and trick or treat on streets with less traffic. Keep a close eye on the little ones. Sometimes they get excited and like to run for candy when they see a light on in the distance. Check items in Halloween bags before little candy goblins start gobbling it down.

If you are driving on Halloween, be extra careful. Witches and black cats are hard to see at night. Ninjas are pretty stealthy too. Go extra slow and keep your eyes open.

For those giving out candy, prewrapped individual items are probably best. Things like mini candy bars, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Reese's and M&M's are good choices. There are many more too. Make sure the entry way to your home is well lit. Little feet can trip over steps and untied shoelaces.

While this post was written with some humor, the serious points hopefully come through. Everyone at CashCrate wishes you and your families a safe and happy Halloween.


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    Do black lights, red bulbs, and strobe lights count as well lit?
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