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Halloween is Fun for Adults too!

Halloween is Tuesday, October 31st.

In past years, we talked about things that kids can do on Halloween. But what about the adults? Are you all grown up and looking for something to do? Here are some ideas:

-Take the kids trick or treating: If you’re a parent, you’re pretty much on the hook for this one, lol. Have fun and look for the porch lights.

-Hand out candy: If you don’t have kids, be a good neighbor and hand out candy. Remember to put the porch light on.

-Parties: Anyone you know having a Halloween Party? If not, throw your own. Make it a costume party and make it even more fun. Adults can get dressed up for Halloween too.


-Clubs: Maybe some clubs/bars are having special events in your area? Check online, in the local paper, and join the adult festivities.

-Scary Movies: Staying in might not be the funnest things to do, but after working a hard day, it may be the best thing to do. Chill out and relax until the movie monsters make you jump.

-Don’t like any of these ideas? Do a Google search for Halloween Events in your area. Maybe you can scare up something better.

-Have your own idea to add to the list? Post a comment below and let us know what you’re doing for the scary holiday.

From all of us at CashCrate, we wish all of you and your families a safe and happy Halloween. Have fun and enjoy the ghosts and monsters.


  • November 20, 2017 9:14am
    wow nice!
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  • November 06, 2017 8:29pm
    Nice halooween
  • November 04, 2017 1:11pm
    I had a great day on halloweend with the family
  • November 01, 2017 12:31am
    Happy Halloween Everyone! *throws candy everywhere*
  • October 31, 2017 3:58pm
    hoping to make mony
  • October 31, 2017 12:30pm
    good idea
  • October 31, 2017 9:39am
    Happy Halloween everyone
  • October 31, 2017 6:38am
    Wow that's cool
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    very good
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    Zelo dobro
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  • October 30, 2017 6:07pm
    Great idea.
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  • October 30, 2017 1:22pm
    well ...
  • October 30, 2017 9:56am
    Very nice
  • October 29, 2017 7:27am
    Happy HALLOWEEN to all's
  • October 28, 2017 11:21pm
  • October 28, 2017 3:26pm
  • October 27, 2017 12:53pm
  • October 26, 2017 12:09pm

    Translation: A special day
  • October 26, 2017 11:00am
    Happy Halloween to everyone
  • October 26, 2017 9:02am
    HOllowen party party
  • October 26, 2017 4:27am
  • October 26, 2017 12:58am
  • October 25, 2017 9:51pm
    -visit a haunted house
    -make your own costume
    -or, have fun shopping for your costume
    -carve pumpkins
    -decorate pumpkins (paint, etc.)
  • October 25, 2017 8:57pm
    happy halloween to every one.
  • October 25, 2017 7:13pm
    Great ideas!....Happy Halloween everyone!
  • October 25, 2017 3:50pm
    Happy Halloween folks!
  • October 25, 2017 3:25pm
    very good