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First Place! Giulio wins an iPad Air 2 in our 2015 Holiday Contest!

Giulio won an iPad Air 2 in this year's Holiday Contest.  He took a pic of his prize when it arrived and he shares his experience below:

My name is Giulio from Florida, and I came in first place in this year’s holiday contest. As my prize I chose the iPad Air 2 16 GB. It is still surreal seeing my name at the top of the leaderboard. After just 5 days of being ordered my iPad arrived, and I couldn't be happier. I'm glad all the hard work and time I put into doing surveys, offers, and watching videos paid off in the end. Along with winning the iPad, I was also able to accumulate over $500 for the month of November alone. The most ever for me in a single month.


Over the last few years CashCrate has been an amazing website for me to earn some extra cash. I would like to thank CashCrate once again for putting together an exciting contest, and I look forward to doing it all over again next year.


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Congratulations on the first place win!  We hope you enjoy your iPad.  Happy Holidays :)


  • November 06, 2016 6:17pm
  • November 06, 2016 3:50pm
    Nice very good
  • December 27, 2015 10:56am
    Share on how you made $500.00 if you did it without referrals please
  • December 22, 2015 9:53am
    How do you make $500?! Through referrals?
  • December 21, 2015 12:56pm
  • December 20, 2015 11:28am
  • December 20, 2015 4:19am
    Nice. It is a great success. Congratulation
  • December 19, 2015 4:17pm
  • December 18, 2015 8:12pm
  • December 18, 2015 3:33pm
    congratulations it was fun