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Earn More with Bonus Offers!

Looking for more ways to earn on CashCrate? The Bonus Offers are a great way to do it. Not only will you find offers, you’ll also find surveys, videos, and other stuff too!

Most Popular

Find the most popular offers in this section. Sort the list by popularity or by payout. Be sure to fully complete each offer with thoughtful information. The offer description includes instructions on how to complete it.


Find surveys from reputable survey providers. Share your thoughts and get paid. Survey payouts will vary depending on the length and the topic. You can also sort surveys by popularity or by payout, as well as the videos, etc.


Click on a video and watch it to the end. It’s an enjoyable and easy way to earn.



View just the 100% free offers. Trial offers will not be included in this list.


The More drop-down menu lists different categories of offers such as New, Free Apps, Magazines, Books and Learning, Gift Ideas, Clothing and Fashion, Games and Entertainment, Health and Beauty, Travel, and more.


Need help with something? Click the Support link near the top right. Check the status of an offer, survey, etc. or contact the Bonus Offers Support team. The Bonus Offers are a great way to earn more on CashCrate. Be sure to check out all the other ways to earn too!


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    From CashCrate: The country on your account was not entered correctly when you signed up. We have corrected this for you.
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