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CashCrate Hits 6 Million Members!

CashCrate hit 6 million members today! It is amazing how much we’ve grown!

CashCrate was founded with the idea that members were number one. It was our mission to give members a better experience here than they could find on other sites, and a higher level of customer service. We respond to all member inquiries and help people whenever we can. Those fundamentals helped us grow.

Like every site, we started small, with one member, then two. I myself joined as a member in 2006 when CashCrate was still quite small and I was looking for an opportunity to make free money online. I’ve been here ever since.

When I joined the site was orange and there was a little wooden box named Cratey who was our Mascot.


You can still find Cratey if you look around. He’s on the forum and on some of our banners. What you don’t have to look around for is a great member community. CashCrate has the best members, from all over the USA and from all over the world. Our members are friendly, helpful, nice people who are here to supplement their budgets and income.

6 million members later, our philosophy is still the same. Our members are number one! Congratulations to all of you for helping us reach 6 million members!


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