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Bonus Surveys! The Bonus is More Money For You!

The Bonus Surveys are a great way to make extra money on CashCrate. Be sure to check them out and find opportunities that are right for you.  You'll find more than just surveys!


Surveys are located at the top of the page. The payout and length of surveys will vary and is indicated on each survey in the list. Just click on the survey you want to take.

You’ll be asked some pre-qualification questions. Click the Continue Button and answer any questions that appear. Then click the “I understand, take me to the survey button.” The survey opens in a new window. Be sure to provide thoughtful, truthful answers.

New to the Bonus Surveys Page? You’ll need to unlock the surveys by completing your profile. Simply answer the questions that appear at the top of the page.



Earn even more by completing Offers. There are 4 offer categories:

All: Displays all offers available. Click on the offer you’d like to take and read the description in the pop up box. Click the Take Offer button and complete the offer.

Free: Lists only the 100% free offers. Trial offers will not appear in this view.

Download: These offers require you to download software, an app, a toolbar, etc. to your computer or another device. After downloading, be sure to use it too.

Video: Paid videos are listed here. Watch available videos to the very end.

You can also review the surveys and offers you’ve taken by clicking “Transactions” near the top of the Bonus Surveys page. Need any additional assistance? Click on a survey or offer in the Transactions list to view more details about its status or contact the Bonus Surveys support team.

Be sure to check out the other pages too. You’ll find lots of ways to make money on CashCrate!


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