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CashCrate Blog

Blog on CashCrate! Reach More People and Make More Money!

CashCrate is happy to introduce an exciting new Community Blogging feature.  Silver+ members now have the ability to create and maintain their own blogs here on CashCrate.


What are the benefits?

It’s fun! You get to express yourself and share things with others!

When you create a blog, you get your own custom link!

Use this link to promote your CashCrate blogs on other sites. This helps you get referrals and more referrals mean more money for you.

It’s Free! You don’t have to pay for hosting!

The content you post is picked up by search engines! Posting content on a big established site like CashCrate may help you get noticed more quickly.  Rank well for a blog post in a search engine like Google or Yahoo and it could mean a lot more referrals and more money for you!


Creating Your Blog (available to Silver+ members)

Choose "Community, Blog" from the main menu:

In the right side panel, click “Create Your Own Blog”



The Create a Blog screen appears.




Enter a name for your blog.

Choose Yes or No to enable Community Posts.  If you choose Yes, other Silver+ members will be able to post to your blog.  You’ll be able to approve all posts before they appear on your blog.

Click the “Create My Blog” button.



Creating Categories

Before you start posting, you’ll want to create some categories.  These are simply subjects that describe your blog posts.  For example, if you are going to post about using coupons to save money, “Coupons” is a good category name.

You can always go back and add more categories later.


To Create Categories:

Click the “create some categories” link or “New Category” in the side panel.  The Create a New Category Screen appears.


Enter your Category name and if desired, a description and sort order.

Click the "Add Category" button.


Posting to Your Blog


Click “New Post” in the side panel.




-Add a Title

-Choose a Category

-Type your post in the Content area. Format and add images as you like

-Enter some Tags

-Choose a Status (Publish, Private, or Draft)

-Allow others to comment on your post: Yes or No

Click the "Submit Post" button.


Maintaining your Blog

Keeping up with your blog is easy

Use the “My Blog” area in the side panel to:


-View your blog

-Create New Posts

-Add New Categories

-Add a Link (keep track of links to other important places)

-Edit Categories (Change the order, rename, edit, delete, and add new categories)

-Edit your Posts

-Edit your Links


Use the “Blog Admin” area in the side panel to:


-Approve posts made by other members

-Approve comments made by other members


Posting to the Community Blog

The Community Blog is the main blog on CashCrate:

Silver+ members can also submit posts to the main blog as well.

In the “Community Blog” area, choose “Add a blog post”


Create your blog post (same instructions as above).


Posting Tips

-Post interesting, thoughtful, and unique content.

-It’s so important, we’ll say it again: The content you post must be original content and not content that is already published somewhere else.

-Write about things that are important to you: Family, Friends, Hobbies, etc.  Find a niche that matters to you.

-If you include your CashCrate referral link or banner, include it just one time.

-Put your link “below the fold.” Imagine your blog post is on a piece of paper and you folded your post in half.  Is the link below that fold?

-Update your blog regularly.  Search Engines love new content/posts.

-Try to shoot for a minimum of 250 words or so.  Longer posts are definitely OK.


Note: All blogs, posts, and comments will also be approved by a CashCrate Moderator before they are made public.


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