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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Preparation Can Help You Save!

Black Friday is November 23rd and Cyber Monday is November 26th. Preparation is important to get the best deals.

In past years, Black Friday was one day and so was Cyber Monday. Today, these have morphed into Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday Week. You may see other terms when you are bombarded by sales announcements online, on tv, in the newspapers, etc. It can all seem a little overwhelming.

Start by deciding what you really need to get. Are you looking to get a deal on something for yourself? Are you looking for holiday presents for others? Maybe you are doing both? Make a list.

Write down everyone’s name and the present(s) you have in mind for them. If you can think of a couple/few alternatives for each person, this may help when you start hunting deals. Get your list finalized and then it’s time to research.


Check for sales online, in local circulars, and visit the stores themselves. Remember, Black Friday Sales may start on Monday of Thanksgiving week or even before then. Cyber Monday Sales may start early too or go beyond Monday.

Check prices at various retailers for the items you want. You might find one has a better price than another. You may even find the same retailer has a better price for an online special than it has in store, or vice-versa.

Add store names, links, and prices to the shopping list you made and you’re ready to hit the ground running. A little preparation can help save you big time on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! Good luck and happy shopping!


Additional Tip: Buying online?  Search for coupon and discount codes.  For example, do a Google search for "store name" coupon code, "store name" discount code, etc.  You may be able to save even more!


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