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Beating Black Friday and Getting the Best Deals!

Shopping on Black Friday (or even a few days before) can be very hectic. It’s the busiest shopping time of the year. Here are some tips to get you through it and to help ensure you get the items you want.

-Start early. Some stores begin their Black Friday sales right at midnight. Some start on Thursday (Thanksgiving). Some start even earlier. Some retailers even have a Black Friday Week! Start looking for sale announcements several days ahead of time and keep checking back.

-Look at all the ads and circulars in your local newspapers. Also look at retailer sites online. Finding the best sales can take a bit of research.

-Find the item you want at a few different stores. Keep comparing prices. One retailer may have it at a better sale price than another.

-Finding your item at a few different stores may pay off in another way. If the first store runs out of stock, the second store may still have it.

-Know the layout of the store(s). If your item is at a store you are unfamiliar with, visit ahead of time and scope it out. On the day of the sale, walk immediately to the item you want and grab it. There is time to look at other stuff after that.


-Prepare mentally. It is going to be crowded and lines may be long.

-Show up early. If a sale starts at 6 in the morning, be at the store before that time. Showing up late may mean leaving with nothing. Showing up early means you should find a parking spot too.

-When you see a price you like, make your purchase. Black Friday sale items are often limited in numbers and its first come, first served. So if you see a good sale price Tuesday or Wednesday, it may be worth buying your item then.

-Is your item made by more than one manufacturer? If so, try finding a couple of different brands you like. One brand may have a much better sale price than another. A bit of flexibility can save you money!

-Shop online. It’s a great way to beat the crowds and you still find great deals. Want to save even more? Make your Black Friday purchases on the CashCrate Shopping Page. Cash back will be deposited in your CashCrate account in the coming weeks.

-Purchasing a lot of items? Prioritize and make a list. Try to get the items with the biggest price breaks first, those items you want the most, and those that you think may sell out first. Sometimes this is hard to guess.

Good luck and remember, Cyber Monday is coming up. There will be more deals.


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