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Back to School CashCrate Live Contest September 3rd! Cash Trivia and Cash Prizes!

Thursday, September 3rd: Come and win!

The CashCrate Live Contest starts at 7:00 PM EST and runs until 11:00 PM EST. Cash Trivia starts at 6:00 PM EST!

For the Live Contest itself, we'll be counting:

Cash Offers

Daily Surveys

CashCrate Points Offers

Bonus Surveys/Offers/Videos

Top Surveys

Bonus Offers

The members who complete the most win the most!

Want to win a big prize?

Want to win cash just by answering questions? Want to win $100 in the CashCrate Live Drawing?

We'll also be asking Trivia Questions at random times during the chat. Just answer the questions for your chance to win.

And a live contest wouldn't be complete without real-time chat. Discuss the best offers and have fun chatting with your fellow contestants and CashCrate staff. The contest chat and cash trivia will start 1 hour before the start of the contest, at 6:00 PM EST.

Have a question or want to discuss the contest before hand? Visit the CashCrate Forum.

The $100 Drawing

We're giving away $100! Would you like to win $100? Just be at the CashCrate Live Contest on Thursday, September 3rd, between 7:00 to 11:00 PM EST. Contest Chat starts at 6:00 PM.

The more Cash Offers you complete during the Live Contest, the better your chance of winning the $100 drawing. Each one completed counts as one entry in the drawing.

You must also participate in the Contest Chat* or attempt to answer at least one trivia question to be eligible (*have at least one line chatted). Remember the Contest Chat and trivia questions start one hour before the contest begins.



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