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Are you the Pushy SalesPerson or the Friendly Helper? What Works When You Refer?

Have you ever had a pushy sales person knock on your door? Immediately after opening your door, they start with their sales spiel. You say no thank you, but they keep going and going. It seems like they are only interested in making the sale and not about what you need. After 5 to 10 minutes and saying no several times, perhaps the pushy sales person starts asking you questions about your neighbors that you really don’t want to answer. You can tell they are only interested in making the sale and not what benefits you.

Ask yourself, how many things have you bought from the pushy sales person? Or did you just close your door and breathe a sign of relief when they finally left?

Now ask yourself. When you refer online, are you the pushy salesperson? Or do you try to identify a need and help others?

For example, lets say you’re on a site that allows you to promote. You try knocking on doors by posting:

“Join CashCrate”

half a dozen times.

Now lets consider another scenario. You are a single Mom and you see another single Mom online talking about how tough things are. She’s saying it is so hard to make ends meet, and how she’s skipping meals to make sure she has enough to feed her baby. This makes you feel sad for her and it makes you want to help doesn’t it? Maybe you approach her and say, “Hey, I’m a single Mom too and I know how it is. I use a site online to make extra money and they have always paid me. If you’d like to know more, just let me know.”

Would the single Mom be more apt to speak with someone who understands her need and is offering help? Or would she want to speak with the pushy sales person who posted “Join CashCrate” half a dozen times.

In another scenario, you are a college student on a site for college students. You see a fellow student say he can’t find a part time job. You know it’s still a tough economy and seniors and former full time workers have filled a lot of part time jobs. Competition is fierce.

You approach him about a site you use online named CashCrate. You tell him they have paid you, so you know they are legit. The great thing about CashCrate is you can do it any time you want, around your course schedule. It’s a lot more flexible than a regular job and a great way to make money.

Do you think the college student would want to talk to the person offering him help and understanding his needs? Or the pushy salesperson going around and randomly knocking on doors?

You decide.


  • August 17, 2013 10:32am
    This is really useful information. I guess I haven't seen the sales pitch from both sides and can see how what you say and how you say it really matters. #1 Think before you talk #2 Really take an interest in your referrals/customers #3 Listen
  • August 13, 2013 3:34pm
    this is known as recruit pushing. I learned from a social network to let the people come to you and when they bring up conversation like I am looking for a work at home job then you casually mention cash crate. people will be more apt to work with or for you if you use that approach.
  • August 13, 2013 1:56pm
    In the case of referrals it's usually a case of quality over quantity - by taking the time to answer questions and really get to know a potential referral (ie not being a 'pushy salesperson' you can really start to pull in great referrals. One referral doing 50 offers day is better than 50 referrals who do nothing.