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1st Place Holiday Contest Winner Does Something So Nice For Her Mom!

Marta from New Jersey came in 1st place in our 2017 Holiday Contest. She did something super nice with her prize.

Hello Cash crate. In December, I came in 1st place in the contest and won a Ipad Mini 4. I ended up gifting it to my mom, who has been adopting to technology very slowly. She was very happy and excited about the gift. She was very thankful for the gift since she wanted a small computer device since a while ago. This gift will make a difference in her life. Thank you so much for the ipad mini.



Thank you cash crate....you make people's dreams come true.


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What a nice thing for you to do for your mom! We hope she enjoys the iPad Mini and congrats on coming in 1st place in our Holiday Contest.


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    wow nice
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    This is awesome!
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    Love it
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    muito bom gostei muito

    Translation: very good I liked a lot