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Archive for October, 2017

Win Big! 2017 Holiday Contest! $1,000's in Prizes!

$1,000's of dollars in prizes!  You could win!  It's a Huge Holiday Contest!

We're giving away an iPad Mini, a PS4, an Xbox One, and a whole lot more!

To enter, just start completing

Surveys (includes all Surveys on the Surveys Page and Best Surveys Page)

Cash Offers

Refer new members

Bonus Survey items

Bonus Offers

Videos and More items,

and play the Crates Game because that counts too.

You can see full details on the Contest Page.

Prizes include:


and 40 additional prizes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See what some prior winners had to say. They even took pictures of their prizes:

Giulio wins a Fire HD 10 Tablet in the 2016 Holiday Contest!

Adam wins a $100 Amazon Gift Card in our 2016 Holiday Contest!

Kevin wins an iPod in the 2016 Holiday Contest!

Shawn wins a $200 Amazon Gift Card in our 2016 Holiday Contest!

Ta'Teona wins an iPad Pro in the 2016 Holiday Contest!

Josh wins a $100 Amazon Gift Card in our 2016 Holiday Contest!

First Place! Giulio wins an iPad Air 2 in our 2015 Holiday Contest!

Laura Wins an iPad Mini & Reminds Us How Important Family is

Shawn Wins an Xbox One in the 2015 Holiday Contest!

Joseph Wins a $200 Amazon Gift Card in the 2015 Holiday Contest!

Cherry wins an iPod touch and Tells Us How She Did It!

Jose Won an Amazon Fire HD & Did Something Very Special!

Rob from Tennesee won the iPad Air 2 in 2014

Mike Won a PS4 in our 2014 Holiday Contest!

A Blue iPod Touch! Our 7th Place Winner in the 2014 Holiday Contest

Troy from Oklahoma won a $200 Amazon Gift Card!

Holiday Contest 2014: Our Tenth Place Winner

Ashley wins a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

iPad Winner: David is the 1st Place in the Holiday 2013 Contest!

Gary wins a Samsung TV

Laura won a $200 Amazon Gift Card

Charles won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

David F. is a $100 Amazon Gift Card Winner

Drew won the iPod Touch

Jennifer won a Kindle Fire HD

Shyanne is the PlayStation Winner

Mike won a PlayStation Vita Madden NFL 13 Bundle

Gurpreet won a Samsung Galaxy Table

Our Vizio TV Winner

Duane won a Kindle Fire

Chris won an iPod Nano

Angel won a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Ross won a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Questions? Post a comment below or submit a support request.

Note: "Presents" are used as placeholders to track your progress in the contest. Should a prize be unavailable, we'll work directly with the winning member to make a substitution of equal or greater value.

Only cash offers/surveys, etc. paying 10 cents or more are included in the contest. While we encourage you to complete as many surveys as you can it is still necessary for you to take the surveys seriously and not rush through them. Always provide thoughtful, consistent, and 100% truthful answers from survey to survey.


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$1000.00 earnings on Cashcrate

Aretha Seymour has reached $1000.00 in earnings on CashCrate today. 
Special thanks goes out to Qgirl for the community contribution!