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Earning Opportunities with Avon

Do you have an interest in beauty and personal products? Have you thought about making money with a home based business? Avon may be the opportunity for you.

For 130 years, Avon has offered their representatives the opportunity to earn an income. According to Avon, their “direct-selling model offers a low cost of entry, a wide range of training and development opportunities, management support, and digital direct selling tools that enable Representatives to manage and grow their businesses as never before.


Representatives establish their own customer base. Sales can be made both in person and online. Products include cosmetics, skincare, perfumes/fragrances, hair care products, body lotions, jewelry, apparel, accessories, footwear, men's products, and more.

How much you earn with Avon depends on the amount of sales you make. Representatives make an average of 35% on each sale. When selling in person, you collect the payment from the customer and place their order online. The products are delivered to you, and you then deliver those products to the customer.

When a customer makes an online purchase from you, the order is sent directly to the customer and your earnings are paid via direct deposit. If you’re interested in becoming an Avon Representative, you can find out more here. There is an initial cost for the Avon starter kit.

Many at home opportunities, including Avon, allow you to set your own hours. For example, CashCrate is a totally free opportunity that is also flexible. You make money completing surveys whenever you want to, on your own time. By combining flexible earning opportunities, it is possible to make decent money on your own schedule.

It "pays" to be active on the Forum

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Enrich the Lives of Others! Make Money Tutoring Online.

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Hot July Surveys Contest!

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