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Archive for June, 2016

Andre from Missouri makes $10,000! On to the next $10,000!

Andre broke the $10,000 earnings mark recently.  He mainly completes surveys to make his money.  


Hello my name is Andre, ( I'm known as sirdray1 ) I'm from Missouri and I have been on CashCrate since 02/28/2013 and I have earned in the excess of $10,000.

I found this site while working on another site and I have found this is the best site ever. I was working about 10 survey sites and I have made way more money on CashCrate than all the other sites combined. Really this is the only site now that gets my attention. I found this site by accident but I am so glad I did, It takes some work but if you want some money Cashcrate is the place to be...Good luck

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Congratulations on your fantastic earnings!  Andre wrote to me this morning, "Thank you so much,,,now on to the next 10,000."  We are sure you can do it!

Hot Cash Contest in June!

June is getting hotter! The 40 members who earn the most money completing Surveys on the Surveys Page and Offers Page in June win a cash prize! Surveys on the new TopSurveys Page will count too (when the page becomes available). Check the... read more