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Blogging has Big Benefits! Create Your Very Own Blog on CashCrate!

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CashCrate Savings Plan

I'll be blunt about this.  *deep breath*  I can't save money.  Really, I can't.  I tried once and my debit card burnt a hole in my purse.  It was a nice purse too. Well, I just had a $1500 car repair... Yeah both the mechanic... read more
Special thanks goes out to rlayna for the community contribution!

Easter Thanks

Hello All, During this special time of year I thought it would be fitting to thank the "Crate" for allowing me to be here. In an odd way this place  has become a daily ritual of mine to chill out and relax as well as even make a few dollars along... read more
Special thanks goes out to mubb for the community contribution!

Make 10% More on Easter: Sunday, April 5th

Put More Money in your Easter Basket! Beginning 12:00 AM EST Sunday, April 5th, earn an extra 10% on all Cash Offers and Daily Surveys. This promotion lasts until 11:59 PM EST.

Huge Cash Contest! 6 Million Reasons to Celebrate!

Announcing a HUGE 6 Week Contest! Exciting things are happening at CashCrate! -We'll hit 6 million members!!!!!! -We added exciting New Features!!!!!! -Bigger Prizes and more Prizes!!!!!! The 46 members who earn the most "Crates" win a cash prize!... read more