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Cyber Monday: Start Early!

Cyber Monday is the online equivalent of Black Friday. For those who hate going to stores and fighting the holiday shopping crowds, it is a great alternative. Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Cyber Monday 2014 is Monday, Monday, December 1st. Prepare early though.

Here are some tips to help save you money:

-Know what you want and prepare ahead of time. Do some online research and make a list of retailers to watch.

-Be flexible. Consider alternatives. The first brand for example may not be on sale, but the second brand is $100’s of dollars off.

-Look for Cyber Monday Sales before Cyber Monday. Some retailers start their sales the weekend before, or even on Black Friday. By the time Monday arrives, some of their best deals could be sold out.

-When you find the item you are interested in, a search engine like Google can be your best friend. Try performing searches like:

(product name)
(product name) sale
(product name) coupon
(model number)
(model number) sale
(model number) coupon

You may find the item is less somewhere else.

-Consider shipping. Paying a slightly higher price for an item with free shipping may actually save you money.

Shopping from the comfort of your home can be a lot more relaxing than the Christmas shopping crowd at your local stores and malls. Many of us like to get out there and shop though. It’s up to you. Either way, CashCrate hopes you save money.

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