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Archive for September, 2014

Trick or Treat Mania! Huge October Surveys Contest!

It’s Trick or Treat Mania all month long at CashCrate!

The 40 members who earn the most money completing Surveys on the Surveys Page and TopSurveys Page win a cash prize!

Put more money in your pocket and food on your table with CashCrate!

Check the Contest Page for your current standings. And join the Contest Discussion on the CashCrate Forum.

Lets all have a Happy and Healthy Halloween. :)

Note: While we encourage you to complete as many surveys as you can it is still necessary for you to take the surveys seriously and not rush through them. Always provide thoughtful, consistent, and 100% truthful answers from survey to survey.

Lots of Stuff Coming in October!!!

October will be an exciting month at CashCrate! Keep an eye out for multiple contests and more chances to earn! It's going to be scary big!

Why do Leaves Change Colors in the Fall?

Leaves contain chlorophyll and that’s what makes them green. Chlorophyll is essential for Photosynthesis, which allows the leaf to convert the energy of sunlight into chemical energy. This produces carbohydrates such as sucrose. In turn, this feeds... read more

Are You Ready For Some Football and Pizza and Wings?

Football time is fun time.  Grab some pizza, wings, beer (if you’re old enough) and hang out with family and friends.  Watching the game with others makes it more fun, rooting for your favorite teams or yelling at the screen when there’s an... read more

Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month. It was created by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) over 20 years ago to inform consumers about the safety and selection of products for babies and toddlers. Choosing the right product for your child... read more