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Archive for March, 2014

Survey Survey Contest! More Surveys! More Cash Prizes in April!

There are more Surveys!

There are more Cash Prizes!

It’s the Survey Survey Contest!

The 40 members who earn the most money completing Surveys on the Surveys Page and TopSurveys Page win a cash prize!

You may have noticed there are a lot more surveys on the Surveys page.  New surveys are coming out all the time.

Why compete in the April Survey Survey Contest?  Members in the March Survey Contest earned big!  We saw people earning $300 to $400+ just with Surveys.

Why should you do surveys?

They are fun!

You get to share your opinion!

You earn cash and win cash!

Check the Contest Page for your current standings. And join the Contest Discussion on the CashCrate Forum.

Get yourself an extra helping of Surveys at the Survey Survey Contest.

Note: While we encourage you to complete as many surveys as you can it is still necessary for you to take the surveys seriously and not rush through them. Always provide thoughtful, consistent, and 100% truthful answers from survey to survey.

Waffles in the Mail

For our April Promotion, you’ll earn 1 Waffle for every $5 in Cash Offers and Daily Surveys that you complete. You can have them any way you want: Toasted, untoasted, with butter, margarine, maple syrup, jelly, jam, fruit, or a combination of some or... read more

Earn More on April 1st: Member Appreciation Day!

Starting 12:00 AM EST Tuesday April 1, earn an extra 1% on all Cash Offers and Daily Surveys. This promotion lasts until 11:59 PM EST. An entire day of extra earnings! Check it out in the CashCrate Forum and ask questions if you have... read more

The CashCrate Forum can help you Make More Money!

Do you know there is a thread on the CashCrate Forum listing offers and surveys that approved for other members? Which Offers and Surveys approved for you today? It has over 1,000,000 views! Share this thread with your referrals. When they complete... read more