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Archive for February, 2014

It's Almost Spring and I'm Going to Disney! (by Alicia)

By Alicia D.

Alicia is a stay at home Mom with a young daughter. She also attends college and joined CashCrate in 2010. Alicia writes a monthly column: "A Stay at Home Mom's Guide to Using CashCrate" about various topics.

It's almost spring woohoo!

I’m so excited. I know most of you are too. I've been saving my earnings to take our daughter to Disney.

By her Birthday in May, I should have enough to take her for a couple days! It's an amazing thing.

I love Disney but I love CashCrate for helping me.

My daughter is almost two, and some of her biggest milestones I've been able to take part in because of CashCrate.

It helped me start my business which allowed me to be a SAHM. Then the extra I earn each month allows me to do special things for her and I don't miss a minute of her childhood. Being a SAHM makes income harder, but when you have honest sites like CashCrate, it’s important and it makes things that much easier.

Each month I do cash offers, daily surveys, and take part in whatever contests they have. They offer so many things to allow people to earn. You can earn hundreds if you just set the time.

I make bows full time, I go to school & I’m a Mom and I still find time. You can too!

Give CashCrate a try! It's helped me achieve some of my biggest goals: Being a stay at home mommy & successful bow maker. Those are important to me. I love the creativity making bows.

My ability allows me to earn and stay at home with CashCrate!


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