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Make More Money and Complete Some Offers Today!

What does the Offers Page have to offer? A lot more ways to make money!

Find offers about products and services you use every day. You may also find new products and services that interest you. Products can range from household items like cleaning supplies and food all the way to shopping and travel.

Scan the list of offers and find one you want to do. Read the description for the offer. It contains more details and instructions on how to complete it. Then just click the offer.


After clicking, the offer opens in a new screen.Stick with that main offer screen and keep moving through it. Answer questions honestly and thoughtfully.

You may see a lot of Yes/No questions for example, asking you to check out even more products and services. Click Yes for the ones you are interested in and No for the ones you are not. Some offers may require you to say Yes to at least 2 of these questions/items. Also, continue moving through the offer until you reach the very end and can go no further. Completing an offer to the very end is very important. Incomplete offers most likely will not credit.

The Offers Page may also contain some surveys. If surveys are your thing though, be sure to check out the Surveys Page.

For more information about offers and tips for completing them, be sure to see our guide on the CashCrate Forum: Offer Questions - The Definitive Guide!

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